Coaches and entrepreneurs make this common business mistakes. We will teach you how to avoid them and how to fix them if they have already happened. Then you can work on a great business plan and reach your business goals to help more clients!

3 Mistakes Every Coach Makes (and How to Avoid Them)

Here you are, happily plugging away building your new coaching business. 

Then you hit a bump in the road. Or two. This may shake your confidence, freak you out, or cause doubt or indecision to creep back in.


Hear this: You can and will get past mistakes.

Whew . . .

Making mistakes in your coaching business is proof that you are trying. That you are taking action, implementing strategies, and trying new things. And we are SO proud of you for that!

Still, it’s helpful to avoid the mistakes in the first place, right?
After all, your clients need you NOW. So let's get you to them faster!

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Here are three mistakes we know almost every coach makes in their business
(whether you are just starting or have an accomplished coaching business already).

Mistake #1. Trying to anticipate every future step in a new process. 

Preparation is important, right? Sure, until it gets you stuck. Frozen in place, researching endlessly, afraid to move forward until you have the whole process figured out ahead of time.

It’s a mistake to think that you need to know how the whole picture looks and plays out before you can take even a single step.

This is a trap, a time and motivation suck that will drag you and your business down.

How to avoid it: Unless something is relevant to what you’re working on right now, just let it go.

Think of yourself as being on a permanent "Need-To-Know" basis. What do you need to know for this ONE thing you are doing right NOW? Figure out that one thing, take the action, and then move on to the next thing.

Thinking too many steps ahead leads to overwhelm and indecision.
(and eventually, BURNOUT)

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This mindset is important so you can compartmentalize your actions with all your energy and focus. Without getting stuck on any future steps. You will learn those when it’s time.

Bonus: taking one decisive action now will lead you to future steps faster. Then, instead of guessing what the next step might be, you will already know!

Mistake #2: Always thinking that you need "MORE"

More information, more research, more free downloads, more courses, more time, more credentials, more confidence, more money, more (fill in the blank.)

So many of our clients want to hold back on getting their first client, launching their coaching program, or hosting their masterclass, because they need believe they are missing something. They get stuck in the “more” mentality and it never lets up.

How to Avoid It: Tell yourself that you have enough to get started NOW.

You will build as you go. You will add to your skillset, content bank, offerings, and qualifications along your journey. But how will you have the chance to build if you don’t dive in and start?

Have confidence, trust in yourself and your coaching product/service, and launch!

Mistake #3: Taking action without a clear strategy/goal

Being busy isn’t the goal. Endlessly hustling isn’t a strategy.
(That’s just yet another path toward inevitable burnout . . . )

So many of our clients come to us with overwhelm and lackluster results despite being busy and active nonstop in their business. Talk about frustrating! But we definitely understand that choosing a strategy can be a very difficult process, given the huge array of advice you will find online.

How to avoid it: Ensure that you always take deliberate, intentional action toward a well-defined goal.  

Here’s your new process

  • Step 1: Set a goal
  • Step 2: Decide on one strategy to reach that goal.
  • Step 3: Take intentional actions to implement that strategy and check that goal off your list.

It’s that simple.
And the more you follow this process, the easier and more intuitive it gets.

Stay focused, stay on track, and give the process time to work before getting distracted or pivoting away toward a new strategy.

Even if you just choose one strategy for getting in front of your ideal clients, that is better than taking random actions every day that don’t get any traction.

It's also important to always consider the big picture, long-term goals for your coaching business. Are you building toward a vision you truly desire and believe in? Are your actions contributing to your long-term, big-picture mission statement? Hopefully yes, but if not, it’s time to reevaluate and get back on track. 

Remember that your business should always stay true to its foundation, the core values and business principles that make it (and you!) so unique.

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So yes, these mistakes may happen in your coaching business. Nobody is perfect. And nobody expects your business to be.

You are doing such an amazing job. We are so proud of all you have accomplished and all you have set yourself up to achieve. The sky is the limit, my friend, so don’t give up!

And let THIS be a reminder that you don't have to do it all alone if you don't want to.

We (Sherri and Jessie) and our entire Community of outstanding coaches are here for you, rooting for your coaching business to succeed.

So if you’re feeling lonely and lost in your business journey, join our Facebook group Real Support for Coaches. Get tons of resources, advice, interaction, and support from like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches.

We can’t wait to connect with you!



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