Avoid entrepreneur burnout and refresh your online coaching business

Beat Entrepreneur Burnout & Breathe Life Back into Your Business

 For months or years you have hustled and worked and lost sleep and done everything in your power to build your coaching business. It has been fun and hard and awful and also very rewarding.

You became a coach.
You have a real coaching business.

The dream came true!

But here's the reality of that dream even once you get a taste of success:
you have to keep it all going each and every day!

So now you take a look around and . . .

  • Wish you had more time to yourself or with loved ones
  • Wonder when you’re going to fit in self care
  • Wonder when you’re going to fit in all those errands
  • Feel like you can never take a day off
  • Wonder why you’re always so tired
  • Feel the need for a very loooong vacation

You, my friend, are very close to or currently experiencing the dreaded B word:


That feeling of never being “done” with your job.
The boredom and frustration with the endless to do list.
The toll all of this hustle on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

You have what you always wished for, but it’s not what you expected.

When does it all get easier?
When can you just “coast??”

Time for a reminder: your business will not thrive if you’re exhausted, stressed, forcing it, resentful, or unhealthy (body, mind, or spirit).  

We all want a successful business, happy clients, and a feeling of purpose.
But that success shouldn’t come at a cost to your health, well-being, or personal relationships.

So if you’re feeling burnout, we get it. We’ve been there and it’s no fun.

Let’s get you refreshed and breathe life and ease back into your business. Here is our proven process that we use for our clients when burnout happens to them. 

  1. Start by taking a fresh (honest) look at your business and what you're currently doing and offering. Is it what everyone wants from you or is it what YOU want to be doing? The sweet spot is when you're doing both at the same time (what lights you up AND what your audience wants most from you.)

    Maybe it’s time to reevaluate and refocus your business foundation. Take a moment to realign with your Vision, your Mission, and your Core Values so you are taking purposeful action.

    We all pivot, we all change course sometimes. Check in with your business every so often to make sure you are on the right path.

    Read more: 3 Simple Yet Powerful Questions to Set Up Your Business Foundation
  2. Reevaluate your pricing. Are your prices are high enough for the energy output? One of the quickest paths to burn-out is to work hard for pennies. There needs to be an equal "energetic exchange" for the heart and soul you're bringing to the service. This also lets your clients know that you are worth the investment, that what you provide is worth the investment. 

  3. Reconsider your project management system.Is it still the best choice for you? Do you need to reorganize, restructure, or ditch it entirely? It’s so important to keep those systems firing and functioning so they make your work days less overwhelming. Structure and systems will make sure you accomplish your task efficiently and with more ease.

    Our team loves to use Trello, both internally and with our coaching clients. There are lots of other digital options like Asana or Slack. For some coaches, the old school day planner and checklists are their best ways to stay on track.

    Just set up and stick with whatever system works for YOU and keeps your business running smoothly.

  4. Batch tasks to save time (and sanity). This is a big help with content creation across all platforms. Set aside a block of time and write out a week or month’s worth of Instagram posts, Pinterest Pins, Facebook posts, or email newsletters. This is a great way to repurpose content across different platforms, saving both time and creative energy.

    Batching similar tasks at once gets you into a creative flow so you can think clearly and write out the best content possible. Instead of panic posting or rushing something out way before it’s ready.

    Batching is also a great way to put together a series of posts or emails on a certain theme or process, making your readers or followers hungry for the next piece of the puzzle.

  5. Automate when you can. There are great (free) programs out there that you can use to schedule social media posts, Pinterest pins, emails, and calendar reminders. Then you can sit down and schedule out a whole week’s (or month's!) worth of content in one sitting. Then all you have to do is moderate comments and DMs each day.

    Automating is a great way to stay on top of connecting with your audience and keep churning out great content on a regular basis.

  6. Prioritize breaks and Self Care. Have you put your health on the back burner so you can write that email, post, or live video? Self care is something we all know we need to prioritize, but so many of us put off time and time again.

    Today we encourage you to put something healthy in your body, move it a bit, and THEN get to work. I bet your brain will thank you.

    If you have a hard time finding time in your day for exercise or creating healthy meals, schedule it on to your calendar and hold yourself to it! Often we get so wrapped up in our projects that we lose track of time. So we shrug off our Yoga or walk with the dog and keep plugging away in Canva or Instagram.

  7. Get outside! Unplug completely and take a well earned break in the great outdoors (even if it’s just the park down the street). Maybe nature itself will inspire you to discover new ways to work with your customers and business.

    Here are some outdoor ideas:
     Take a hike
     Walk on the shore (lake, beach, river)
     Picnic in a park
     Do yoga in your backyard
     Watch the sunrise or sunset from the tallest hill you can find

    Getting outside can wash away that sense of burnout:
     Spark creative ideas
     Give your mind space to relax and stretch
     Help you meet new people
     Challenge your body
     Get physical space from distractions and stressors.

  8. Freshen up your workspace. A clean and welcoming environment will power you up with a greater sense of focus and efficiency so you can be at the top of your game for your clients.

    Take a few simple steps to inject freshness and tranquility into your work area.

    Clear away the clutter: Take everything off your desk or table. And we mean EVERYTHING! Then, before putting something back, ask “Do I really need this?” A cleaner work area can keep you free of distractions so you can focus on your to do list.

    Lighten up the place: A desk lamp can do wonders to liven up your environment. The extra lighting can also give your face a nice glow if you meet with others on video calls.

    Freshen your air: Diffuse essential oils, light a scented candle, or just give the air a spritz of canned freshener to ward off any stale air. Bonus points for adding a cute potted plant to clean the air and add some natural beauty.

  9. MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL TO AVOID BURNOUT: Find a community, partner, or VA (virtual assistant) to share the load. 

    When we say you should find your people, we mean it.
    Running a business alone is no joke.

    Every entrepreneur needs community, support, and guidance from people who have been there.

    Here's the real deal, what we at StarrCox teach our clients and community members: solopreneurship is not a requirement. Every coach needs people: a team, collaborators, coaches, and sounding boards.

    So don’t stay stuck in that lonely rut! Let’s help each other in a community of support, collaboration, encouragement, and guidance.

Community is what we are all about at StarrCox: leveraging the power of teamwork to help our clients reach their highest potential.

The power of collaboration, of bringing people together to support and guide each other in a COMMUNITY. Because then we all become the best coaches we can be by learning and growing together.

This journey is better together, and a heck of a lot more fun!
(certainly more fun than burning out and quitting . . . )

Here is just a short list of some support StarrCox has to offer our coaching community:

Successful (and happy) business owners know that they have a non-negotiable rule about putting their health and wellbeing FIRST, and then the rest will work better.

You’ll be surprised how implementing any of these tips will make a world of difference for your mindset and mood every single day.

Bye bye, burnout! 🖐



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