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How to Avoid the Lonely Struggles of an Entrepreneur

To all the coaches and entrepreneurs who could be playing with the idea of giving up.

We see you.

To all the coaches and entrepreneurs who are feeling like this whole entrepreneurial journey is way harder and longer than you thought to get to where you thought you’d be right now.

We see you. 

Or maybe you just want to solve one thing in your coaching business and you’re not sure where to start. You want to build a coaching business so you can start serving clients.

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We see you. 

We see you over there, hustling hard when no one else is watching, hoping and wishing that the work you put in will eventually pay off so you can actually serve the coaching clients you want to help and receive the income you desire -- consistently.

You’re up before the sun, before anyone else in the house, to get that quiet bit of work time. Or you're up way past bedtime, after everyone else is asleep. You find the time to write that blog post, post that social media post, or wrap up that content for your new, amazing program. You’re watching training videos, listening to podcasts and audio books on your walks or in the car, you're getting as much knowledge crammed in as fast as possible so you can make this business really happen.

Because your mission is important. And it feels URGENT to you.
So you are giving it your all and we are SO proud of you for that. 

But here's the reality of being a solopreneur: the path we take can be lonely, isolating, devoid of the typical workday interactions and cooperation that characterize typical 9-to-5 jobs. 

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way.
You don't have to struggle alone.

Cue the sighs of relief! 

Somewhere along the way, many of us bought into the “lie” that it was some kind of badge of honor to be a solopreneur and do it all yourself, every step of the way. That it is somehow virtuous to build your coaching business all alone.

Today is the day to ditch that mindset and find your people.
The real truth is your coaching business won't make it alone. No one has ever become successful or built an empire by doing it alone. We need people: a team, collaborators, coaches, and sounding boards.

Here's what we at StarrCox teach our clients and community members: solopreneurship should not be the norm. We believe that every entrepreneur needs community, support, and guidance from people who have been there (without breaking your carefully crafted budget).

Find a friend, a mastermind, a coach, a good listening ear. Anyone who can be there for you through the ups and downs of business ownership. Having a sounding board can bring the thoughts out of your head and clearly into action.

For Jessie and Sherri, this is our calling: to combine our business skills and experience in entrepreneurship, startups, and coaching to fill the gap of REAL ongoing support. We want to boost your business, kick start your momentum and avoid the struggle.

(We’re just having way too much fun bringing our dreams to life to not invite others to join us to do the same.)

So how can you find your people?

  1. Join the StarrCox Collective Community: 
    Get involved with our thriving coaching community to find inspiration, support, real-world advice, and network with others in your field. Membership includes twice monthly live coaching in a lively, intimate group setting. You will also get access to our library of resource, templates, trainings, videos, and real-time advice in an active chat with Jessie, Sherri, and the other Collective members.
  2. Join our "Real Support for Coaches" Facebook Group
    Get tons of resources, advice, interaction, and support from like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches. There are so many amazing Facebook groups that can address the needs of each aspect of your business. Explore what's out there and connect with other coaches.

  3. Attend Virtual Summits related to your business
    Meet tons of amazing people you can get guidance, teamwork, and inspiration from. Summits often have a dedicated Facebook Page or Group where attendees and speakers can meet and interact. When Sherri and Jessie hosted a Live Summit earlier this year, we made an impressive number of contacts through networking and reaching out to speakers and attendees. And it was TONS of fun!

  4. Browse Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
    Find and follow like-minded coaches and entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you. You can connect with kindred spirits, mentors, partners, or collaborators to lighten your load and brighten your days. 

    *Important to note: Don't get caught up in the comparison game! When it comes to social media, you must approach it with a healthy mindset and not allow it to become a time or energy suck. Each business is unique, each coach is unique. We can learn from and inspire each other, but shouldn't allow ourselves to get discouraged by comparing our journey to any one else's.

    Try this instead: as you browse and explore, focus primarily on contributing, conversation, sharing, and learning. And if you get caught in the endless scrolling (and your productivity starts to suffer), set a time limit for yourself and stick to it!

Other tips for Community and Socialization

  • Join a Meetup: There are plenty of local groups that gather regularly to exercise, create art, volunteer, or participate in local events. Download the free app and explore your local Meetups! And if you don't find any, maybe you could start your own.

  • Volunteer: A rewarding way to meet other members of your community. It can be really interesting to interact with people from all ages and stages of life. Learning from and helping each other is so underappreciated in this fast-paced, isolated world we live in.

    Plus when you reach out and help, it will make you feel good to do good. 

  • Keep in Touch With Friends and Family: Everyone is busy! Everyone is constantly on the go! But remember this: never before has it been more convenient to stay in touch with our loved ones. Text, email, Zoom, phone call, Facebook, Instagram, Marco Polo . . . there are so many ways to connect or reconnect with loved ones.

    Don't get so caught up in building your business that you neglect your personal relationships. Maybe they can even benefit from this fabulous new business of yours. . .

  • Meet Your Neighbors: Working from home means no commute or long office hours, giving you a chance to connect with those who live nearby. Maybe you will meet an elderly neighbor who could use some company and conversation. Maybe a stay-at-home mom who would love to share a cup of coffee and a chat. Or even another fellow entrepreneur who could meet you at Starbucks for a coworking session on your laptops over lattes.

    Plugging into your neighborhood community can do wonders for your daily mood (and theirs!).

  • Maintain Your Own Hobbies:  Of course you are burning the candle at both ends right now, squeezing in work tasks in whatever spare time you can possibly find. But that will send you on a quick path toward burnout and discouragement. Light up other aspects of your life and passions by staying connected to activities you truly love to do. Painting, biking, hiking, quilting, whatever floats your boat, make time in your day for it.

    Stimulating your mind and creativity in familiar, comforting ways will keep you energized and refresh your mood. Plus you can connect with others who share your hobbies and passions. 

You don't have to be lonely.
Reach out, take initiative, and be proactive to feed your social side no matter where your career takes you.

Bottom line: If you’ve been solopreneuring long enough and ready to have a team on your side, we’ve got you! No badge of solo-honor in our community. We know we need each other. 

We are always here for you, so drop us a line anytime. 




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