Just because you COULD do everything, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Whether it's just one project you need help bringing to life -- or ongoing business-building support, LET STARRCOX handle it for you.

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You get to choose what you'd like our Dream Team to handle for you and we get to work!

Why StarrCox?

We’re not like other business coaches.

We don’t give you videos just to leave you on your own to implement what you learn. 


We actually DO THE WORK WITH YOU OR FOR YOU (depending on your needs)!

Whether you need intermittent help or long-term hands-on support, we’ll be there to set you on a tailored path to success. 


Our Dream Team of experts will ensure YOU RECEIVE THE INNOVATIVE CUSTOM SOLUTION YOUR UNIQUE BUSINESS DESERVES, not the same cookie-cutter stuff you've already seen (or tried).


Meet Jessie Cox Founder of StarrCox:

After years of growing her own successful coaching business, Jessie Cox formed StarrCox because she recognized that the industry was overflowing with how-to services, yet lacking the true support and done-for-you services that business owners really NEED.

It seemed crazy that coaches, consultants, and experts were expected to build, run, and grow their businesses all by themselves.

So she invented a better way and assembled the StarrCox Dream Team to be the implementors for business owners who want it all but can't do it all.

Living in Southern California, Jessie offers her troubleshooting, logistical, no-nonsense delivery, making her the done for you business builder your business needs.


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