ave more fun at work so you can enjoy building your coaching business. Lift your spirits today!

5 Ways to Have More FUN So You Can Enjoy Your Online Business

Are you are slogging your way through work tasks lately?

Feeling the hours tick slowly by. . .
Dreading the tasks that aren't as FUN as coaching . . .
Just wanting each one to be done and over with already.

Sound familiar?

We hope not! Then again, maybe this is exactly how you are feeling right now.

When you’re not having fun, everything feels harder.

Think about it: who honestly feels motivated to work on building a business when it all feels overwhelming, confusing, isolating, or just plain dull?

Unfortunately, whether you realize it or not, this unhappiness shows. 
Your audience, potential clients, and current clients can usually sense when you’re feeling the “grind” wear you down. 

And no one wins in that scenario.

Trying to build your business without joy to fuel you up will lead to some serious burnout. 

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We at StarrCox Community take having fun very seriously (pun intended).

If your business is feeling more like a grind and less like a pop-up dance party, then it’s time to implement these proven steps to change that.

Your clients need you to help them with your unique coaching superpowers.
So you need to get your groove back and have some FUN!

All right, let's get this party started!
Before we jump in, try this quick exercise:

Working Your Way Up the Fun Ladder

⁣1. Imagine a ladder. The bottom rung is a 1 on the fun scale, and the top is a 10.⁣
2. Identify where you currently are on the fun ladder in the moment.⁣
3. Ask yourself “How can I work my way up the ladder?”⁣
4. Come up with ideas of what you could do to make your moment more fun - work party playlist, move your office location outside or to a cafe, try co-working, spritz some essential oils, throw on a silly outfit - like Sherri’s unicorn hoodie she wears while prepping her taxes.
5. Imagine adding those new actions in and ask yourself, “Where would I be now on the ladder?⁣"
6. Implement those actions to bring in the fun!

If you truly did the above exercise, you should be able to enjoy even the most mundane tasks.

(This "Fun Ladder" exercise has truly changed the game for us and our clients, so give it a try and let us know how it goes on Instagram)

Now let's dive into 5 ways to bring FUN into building and running your business each and every day.

Then you can keep moving forward and smiling along the way. 😁

1. Listen to inspiring music.

Silence can be golden . . . or nap inducing. 

Since you're the boss, you can blast whatever tunes will boost your mood and kick start your motivation. Make a few themed playlists on Spotify, get the newest tracks from your favorite artists, or discover new genres and styles on Amazon Music.

Now that quiet workspace is full of life, energy, and zazz!

2. Find somewhere inspiring to work.

Physically put yourself in a space that is inviting and inspiring will do wonders for your motivation.

Does working from home make you the happiest?
Then make sure your space is inspiring, clean and organized.

Does sitting at a coffee shop sipping on a cappuccino make you the most productive?
Then find the best shop in town and become a regular. 

One of the many perks of working for yourself: you make the rules.

You set the hours. And you decide if you would feel more inspired if you hightailed it out of your house for a while. 

Don't be intimidated or dismayed by the thought of working somewhere new. It just might be the fun boost that keeps your energy up. 

3. Schedule FUN activity breaks into your calendar

Everyone knows that breaks are necessary for your emotional and physical wellbeing. But not everyone considers that these breaks can and should include something refreshingly FUN! 

Stop and think for a second about what you absolutely LOVE to do. Or something you have always wanted to try but never actually make it happen.

But let's be real: if it isn't in your calendar, it probably ain't gonna get done.

So make sure to actually schedule fun activities for yourself.
Then commit to actually doing them!

Here are some ideas: 

  • Text or email a friend (new or old) and meet them for lunch or coffee
  • Check out your local events calendar and find something fun to attend
  • Open up the AllTrails app and find a new hiking trail to test out
  • Register for a class for an activity you have always wanted to try, like salsa dancing, oil painting, hula, or Zumba

Whatever you choose, lighten up about it! Your fun breaks should be just that: FUN. They don't have to be expensive, complicated, or over-the-top. Just something that lights you up and connects you to genuine happiness. 

Remember: the tasks will get done, the to-do list can pause.
Your brain needs these breaks to refresh and recharge!

Get those good vibes flowing and great ideas will soon follow.

4. JUMP or DANCE to a high energy song.

Seriously, try it. We dare you to be in a gloomy mood after rocking out to Shakira, Katy Perry, or Journey.

This morning, Sherri danced to "Forget Me Not" by Patrice Rushen.
Jessie rocked out to "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I.
Our VA Heidi pushed play on a YouTube dance workout before our morning meeting.

Moving your body is scientifically proven to generate mood-boosting endorphins, which improves your mood and brings you to a state of creativity and clarity.

Take it from an expert:

"Modern living often leaves us feeling disconnected from our bodies, because we spend so much time sitting down and hooked up to technology. Dancing makes you feel good because it makes you feel so alive . . . dancing along to music even for five minutes can boost happiness and improve creative-thinking patterns."

- Dr. Peter Lovatt, Dance Psychologist

Kinetic movement and energy will help to improve your day and set up a rewarding, joyful time for you and your business. 

5. Join a Community

Who says you have to do everything alone? Find some awesome peeps who will bring joy and fun to your business journey!

Maybe you are a member of some Facebook groups and you haven't participated in a while. If not, go find some! (We would love to see you in our amazing Real Support for Coaches Facebook group)

The fact is there are SO MANY people out there who can help you with this business of yours. As a mentor, a collaborator, an assistant, or just a sympathetic ear. 

Doing this together is WAY more fun, so reach out and meet some awesome new people. 

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Are you having fun yet? 🥳

Hopefully these simple tweaks to your habits, schedule, and routines will really make a difference in how much you enjoy your online coaching business. 

Because our belief is this: the struggle doesn’t have to be real.

  • The momentum can be real.
  • The impact can be real.
  • The income can be real.
  • The FUN while bringing all that to life can be real!

Struggle, frustration, dead-ends, or chaos do not have to be part of your business experience. 

If that’s what you see happening, or what you may be feeling, StarrCox can help.
Struggling alone is not required ingredient to a successful business.

We want to help you and your business succeed in the most exciting, rewarding ways imaginable.

We believe in you, we believe in your vision. 

Have fun intentionally creating a joyful daily work routine!



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