Imagine What Can Be Done In Just One Super-Focused Collaborative Day.

Let the StarrCox Team knock out that important project that's been too big, too hard, or too confusing to tackle (in ONE day!)

Yes, I Want To Get It Done!

Your "Get It Done Day" Package Includes:

Pre-Session Preparation Call

We'll have a call together to strategize your plan of action and compile all the necessities ahead of time, so that we don't waste a single moment during your Get-It-Done Day, and can hit the ground running right away to blow your mind and complete your project.

One Hyper-Focused, Wildly Productive Day

This is where the magic happens: The three of us (you, Sherri & Jessie) will spend 4-1/2 hours together, each working simultaneously yet collaboratively on different components of the project to complete it in 1 day!

One month of The Collective Membership

It's important to have ongoing support after your Get-It-Done Session. You'll get free access to our exclusive community of coaches, resources, video tutorials & trainings to continue to slay your business goals.

30-Day Post-Session Check-Up Call

After 30 days, we'll check in to see how the project is working in the real world with a 30-minute call to address any necessary quick tweaks, brainstorming, or extra oomph for your project to have the best outcomes.

What Can We Slay In A Day Together?


Meet Sherri & Jessie

Dynamic duo and co-founders of StarrCox Community have reinvented the way coaches receive support...we do it WITH you.

The "Get Unstuck Coaches" have four rules for themselves and their clients: 1.) Celebrate every single win 2.) No staying stuck - there's always a solution. 3.) No hiding - let yourself be seen 4.) All in or nothing - be 100% committed to your vision.

Sherri & Jessie's synergistic approach, combines their business & coaching superpowers to provide high-value, creative, and tactical coaching to help coaches get out of their own way, get into massive action, and finally make their business real.

Choose at least one important project for your business that you've been putting off (yes, THAT one), and Sherri & Jessie will help you STOP OVER-THINKING IT, be PRODUCTIVE, and just get it DONE in a day.

Your Time Is Valuable

Are you ready to carve out ONE MASSIVE-ACTION DAY to get done what might otherwise take you a month (or more) so you can spend more time serving and earning?

Yes, Let's Get It Done!