Discover Our Proven Formula To Quickly Get Unstuck So You Can Spend More Time Serving & Earning.

(Instead of wasting time with distractions, indecision, frustration, overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt.)

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Unstuck!

Every successful coach needs a quick way to close the time gap between stuck-ness and action.

Training yourself to do this will mean more time taking meaningful action and less time WORRYING, DOUBTING, AND SABOTAGING.

And then... watch out, world!

Because becoming a master at staying unstuck means a much shorter lead-time to success for yourself, your clients, and your bank account. *Cue the confetti* 🎉

We so want that kind of success for you.

Everything that we created in our business is what we wish we had when we needed it, but it didn't exist.

So now it's yours. Enjoy!

Sherri & Jessie, StarrCox Community

I Want This Awesome Formula, Please!

Clear Your Mind

Your business needs consistent forward motion in order to succeed. But every extra moment spent pondering, deciding, thinking, and doubting is time not spent in ACTION. We created this formula for ourselves to stay in action because we're so committed to NEVER STAYING STUCK.

Stay Productive

As a coach or entrepreneur, you know that productivity is everything. When you're stuck in your business, full of confusion or not sure which action to take, you are out of the flow and your creativity and productivity are out of reach. Using this formula will shorten the gap between idea and action.

Complete Your Projects

How often do you actually FINISH the projects that will take your business to the next level? Use this formula to stop procrastinating and finally complete projects on your list so your clients can find you and sign up for your programs and services. 


Succeed In Your Business

Getting and staying unstuck will allow you to make major progress in your business. Whether it's busting through that $50k/year ceiling, hiring a team, or getting on that live stage you've been dreaming of. All successful business owners know how to get out of their own way. You can too.

Quickly Get Out of Overwhelm, Indecision, Distractions, Procrastination, or Self-Doubt - And Get Back Into Action For A Successful, Growing Business. 

Discover The Formula To Get Unstuck Every Time You're Not Moving Forward In Your Business.

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