Coaches, Let Our Dream Team Take Away Your Stress, Confusion, Guesswork, and Long Ramp-Up to Your Business Success...

So you can focus on doing what you love: coaching, impacting people's lives, and living a wildly successful life.

Yes! I Want A Dream Team.

We Reinvented Support for the Coaching Industry.

Because like most coaches, we struggled alone for years, DIY'ing our businesses on the slow road to success.

We each invested in high-ticket coaching, yet found ourselves wishing we had more support, guidance, and hands-on DO-IT-WITH-YOU teamwork.

We realized years later that THIS is what the coaching industry is missing...accessible support (that doesn't break the bank) with a team of experts who GET THEIR HANDS DIRTY WITH YOU to build your dream business.

We feel truly excited and honored to lead this effort because some lucky (and smart) coaches get to have US on their side, to truly care about them and their success.

Is this you?

Apply now to see if you are a candidate for this high-touch, high-quality business-building experience.

Yes, I'm Ready For My Dream Team!

Your "By Design" Team Includes

Project Directors

Coaches Sherri Starr & Jessie Cox (of StarrCox Community) lead up your "By Design Team," and you'll have Do-It-With-You Coaching sessions, where we take action in the moment rather than just talking about what you have to do on your own.

Team of Experts

While we have our own zones of genius, we can admit we aren't experts at everything. This is why we save you time and money by building you a custom aligned, big-hearted, and savvy team of experts to plug in for your unique business vision.

Ongoing Support

As the "Get Unstuck Coaches," we are committed to keeping you IN MOTION so you can see tangible results ASAP. That's why we give you access to us in between sessions so you can get the support you need when you need it, and you won't have to stay stuck EVER.

What Does it Really Take to Create a Successful Coaching Business?

Building all of this on your own is possible...but it comes at the high cost of time, money, peace of mind, and impact you could have been making with your clients who need you NOW.

Ready to Ditch the Solo-Struggle, Have an Instant Team on Your Side, Fast-Track Your Success & Have Fun in the Process?

YES I'm Ready!

Meet Sherri & Jessie

Dynamic duo and co-founders of StarrCox Community have reinvented the way coaches receive support...we do it WITH you.

The "Get Unstuck Coaches" have four rules for themselves and their clients: 1.) Celebrate every single win - no matter how small 2.) No staying stuck - there's always a solution. 3.) No hiding - let yourself be seen 4.) All in or nothing - be 100% committed to your vision.

Sherri & Jessie's synergistic approach, combines their business & coaching superpowers to provide high-value, creative, and tactical coaching to help coaches get out of their own way, get into massive action, and finally make their business real.

Want to Get Your Business Built so You Can Spend Your Time Coaching & Earning Income?

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